We have extensive experience in designing, building, and developing proven integrated complex solutions across the Veeva platform to help commercial teams deliver exceptional customer service.

Our team is proactive in helping you achieve excellence, whether you are just starting out with Veeva or consider yourself a Veeva veteran.

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We partner with Veeva, the leader in cloud-based software, to provide verified healthcare content to your target audience
Veeva Multichannel Content Partner

As a Veeva accredited agency, zentir has been designing, building, and implementing innovative Veeva CLM solutions for over 10 years to help commercial teams deliver exceptional customer service. We’re dedicated to helping commercial teams maximise the full benefits of Veeva’s approval, compliance, distribution, and CLM features.

Pharma industry experience

zentir adapts code and builds bespoke interactive tools which meet industry specifications and boost your digital impact.

Local in-house expertise

zentir is an Australian-owned independent agency. Our team members have expertise in Veeva content creation and technical development and are based in Australia. We provide strategic, creative, and technical expertise to deliver innovative, engaging, and tailored omnichannel solutions to audiences ranging from patients to HCPs. We’re passionate about partnering with our clients along the brand journey.

Tailored to customer needs

Our digital experts at zentir can help you achieve maximum digital impact and engagement which align with your specific needs and goals. We are highly skilled at creating customised digital sales aids from scratch.

Our Veeva Solutions
Digital Sales Aids (eDetailers):

We can build anything from low-tech, fast and cost-effective sales aids, all the way through to high-tech, app-like experiences to access all the features of Veeva.

PowerPoint Presentations:

Impactful presentations that make every HCP meeting a memorable experience. Make these PowerPoint presentations available for use by your team in Veeva CLM.

Approved Email:

From building Veeva Approved Email templates to reviewing their effectiveness, we empower reps to respond to individual HCP needs – Rep Triggered Emails and Emails with fragments.

Marketing Cloud Emails:

Many companies have integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud that allow marketers to send broadcast email (1 to many) to consented HCPs from the Veeva database. zentir is experienced in creating, engaging and impactful eDMs as well as planning and creating the customer journeys.

Veeva Engage:

Remote detailing. Let us work with you to ensure your content in Veeva is ready to be used with the Engage module.

Veeva Engage for Portals:

We can re-purpose your content so that it can be used in Veeva Engage for Portals as a self-guided HCP experience.

Medical team use of Veeva:

Are you new to Veeva? Let us help you navigate using how to maximise your implementation of Veeva; repurpose medical specific content, create new Veeva Approved Emails and help train your Medical Managers and MSLs.


We upload materials and reference link.

Internal training:

Let us assess your team’s knowledge of Veeva content creation and provide a bespoke training to increase your capabilities. Get the most out of Veeva CLM, Approved Emails and Engage.

Veeva Solutions from Certified Experts

We are a certified Veeva Multichannel Content Partner and over the last decade have consulted on and developed in Veeva for clients such as Takeda, Merck Healthcare, UCB, Boehringer Ingelheim and Pfizer.

We currently have access to over seven PromoMats vaults where we upload materials and link references for clients.

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